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Coronavirus Karaoke Update

Karrie-okie is staring up again,

We have given much thought to the safety of our singers and for ourselves.  The following protocols will be strictly enforced until it is safe again and is no longer necessary.  We have several microphones that will be traded out and wiped down with Clorox wipes though out the night.  It may take a little longer than normal between singers due to these new protocols, but we want everyone to be safe as well as have fun.  We hope you will be patient and understand.   Thank you for your cooperation and let’s have some fun!

#1:      If you are sick, then do not sing! 

  • We know this seems like common sense, but you would not believe how many times we have heard someone say, “I didn’t think my voice would make it, I’ve been sick all week” after the singer finished performing the song.

#2:      Hand Sanitizer: 

  • Hand sanitizer will be used before each time the singer performs prior to handling the microphone.
  • You can use and bring your own, or a bottle will be at the stage for convivence.
  • Sorry, but If you don’t use sanitizer, then you cannot sing.

#3:      Personal microphone windscreen:

  • Windscreens will be mandatory to sing.
  • If you have a windscreen please bring it with you.
  • Windscreens will be available to purchase for $2.00 each at the stage.
    (This is what it cost us to purchase these from a supplier).
  • You may wash the windscreen with mild soap detergent such as Dawn. Rinse and then squeeze the excess water from the windscreen. Then use a paper towel and squeeze the windscreen until most water has been removed from the material. Set out to dry.
  • You may reuse the screen again at the next karaoke show after cleaning.

#4:      Community microphone:

  • We will have 1 microphone available that we are calling the community microphone.
  • The community mic will have a windscreen on it, and anyone can use it to sing.  That being said, germs can easily be shared from one person to another.  The community microphone and windscreen will be cleaned at the end of the show.  We highly recommend that you purchase your own mic windscreen to use and to not depend on the community microphone to sing.
  • Please refrain from  “blowing” into the microphone to test if the microphone is on.

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